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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I have a family of four - my Dad, my Mum, my brother and me. I live in the Kingsmead Estate on the top floor. I like visiting my family in Malaysia because when you see them they are always smiling at you and they are always happy.

My brother is 13 and he likes to annoy me all the time. My Mum is kind and she likes to visit her family. I like where I live because I live near some of my friends and we can talk and play different things. My brother supports Manchester United and my Dad supports West Ham so when Man U and West Ham play I can always hear them shout when they score.

The glass broke like the hearts of children.

The glass broke like the hearts of children
The little girl disappeared from the building
All you can see is broken glass
It looks like the little girl’s life has passed
Did she die or did she run away?
No one knows if she’s here to say
We don’t know if her mum is crying
Or is the picture just lying?

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Listen to Athena recite her poem