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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I am 10 years old and I was born in the year 2001. I am from all of the countries below. My parents are from Gambia, Sierra Leone, Mali and Senegal. I was born in London, my Mum was born in Senegal and my Dad was born in Gambia.

I have two sisters and one brother. My eldest sister lives in New Jersey in America with her cousin and visits us every four months. My hobby is playing Sims 2 on the computer and playing MMO games. I enjoy cooking with my Mum in the kitchen and I like playing football just not with violent people.

I am a Sunni Muslim and so is the rest of my family except my sister who is a Christian. I like to eat KFC and Pizza Hut especially on special occasions!!

My sister can’t stop cleaning
She has to make sure everything is gleaming.


Sshh! Be quiet!
We are hiding beneath the bed,
We have a dawning suspicion that if we leave we will be dead!
My sister can’t stop cleaning
She has to make sure everything is gleaming,
She has hovered under my eyelids,
The washing line is strung with wet wailing kids,
She has ironed and folded my mother,
She has thoroughly bleached my brother,
She has carefully washed the goldfish,
She has thrown away every dirty dish,
She has dusted the birds in the sky,
Now she wrapped the dog in Tupperware and plucked off every single hair,
At cleaning there is no greater master
Now she’s off cleaning a natural disaster!!

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Listen to Awa recite her poem