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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I am ten years old and I have a family of six; my Mum, Dad, brother and two sisters. I live on the Kingsmead Estate. I like visiting my grand mothers and aunties and cousins in Liverpool. My sister is eighteen, my brother is twenty one and my twin sister is ten. My brother and sisters always annoy me - out of a rate of one to ten the rate would be ten. My Mum and Dad are very kind and so funny I always have to laugh out loud. My Mum and Dad don’t support a football team and neither does my brother but me and my two sisters support Arsenal. I go crazy when Arsenal play.

The length of hair ties me to god
To my home land it is an umbilical cord.

The length of hair ties me to God
To my home land, it is an umbilical cord
When I visit the temple Gurdwara
House of dreams, place of prayer
I kneel and I know I am part of the world
I kneel and I know I am the world
We rose out of India, Hindu rebels
And in Punjab finally settled
God gave guru Nanak visions
And from them he created a new religion
So now I wear a blue turban
Like a true and faithful Sikh man

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