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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I’m 10 years old. I love playing computer and I love playing with my best friend Kalum - we have fun times playing and his cousin is my friend too. We have fun times and funny times. My Mum’s name is Corinne and my dad’s name is Errol and my twin’s name is Eve. Well I have too many brothers and sisters I forgot how many I have. I’ve got a Nintendo wii that I always play but it’s not all mine, it’s everyones. I love playing Mario Kart and I like playing new Super Mario Bros on four players with my friends.

My sister waits
My silent twin.

Ghost boy
Look at me
I am a ghost
As thin as wind
I am standing close
I fly like birds
I fly like kites
I pass through
Walls and hunt the night
People crowding
People crying
But I was the one that was dying
I was the one calling your name
I begged for help
But you never came
I was that boy who ran into the street
Now my life is incomplete
A stopped heart beat
My sister waits
My silent twin
For when we can be together again.

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Listen to David recite his poem