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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I was born in 2001 in Homerton Hospital Hackney. I was also born in England and have a twin named David. I have five brothers and eight sisters and I have ten nieces and nephews. I live with my Mum and Dad and also with eight of my brothers and sisters. My Dad was born in Jamaica and my Mum was born in England. My favourite subjects in school are art, literacy and science.

Behind the dark lens,
Hides a black hole.

The Deathly One eyed girl

Behind the dark lens,
Hides a black hole,
And if she removes her glasses,
It will you swallow you whole!

It will suck the entire class,
Into a parallel universe,
And deposit them into a strange planet,
And it cannot be reversed.
So she must wear one eyed glasses,
Even as she sleeps, her eye once swallowed an entire flock,
As she counted sheep
The deadly one eyed girl behind the dark lens.

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Listen to Eve recite her poem