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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I have one brother and I come from Lithuania. It’s in Europe and I was born there and I moved to England when I was five years old. Now I live in Hackney. I’ve lived here for two years now and I really like it here.

My Mum comes from Lithuania, the same as my Dad.

Inside my house I speak Lithuanian and sometimes me and my brother speak English. My brother is fifteen years old and I am the youngest in the whole family {my house}.

Around Hackney I’ve got loads of friends and I am going to name some of them; Jodine, Athena, Carlita, Elsie and many more. My friends are from lots of countries like Cuba, Jamaica, Nigeria and so much more.

Near where I live there is a play area called adventure playground and I go there almost everyday and it’s very fun.

The sky is bruised
I saw clouds plotting in the sun-moon light.

The sky is bruised
I saw clouds plotting in the sun-moon light
Whispering like old men
Turning the day into dark night
As quickly as a page turned in a book
The people stood and silently looked
Something is coming the clouds are cats about to leap
On the heads of town folks
Awake and asleep
The ground shivered
And shook like a frightened
The moon was the
Red eye of an angry black bull
The earthquake cracked the world
In two
The fireworks stopped and no birds
Voices were lost as the cold wind
The world is empty
No one is around
Just a crack of a mouth
Smiling in the dusty ground.

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Listen to Karolina recite her poem