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Kingsmead Eyes Speak Led by Gideon Mendel



I am 10 years old and I have a big brother who is 14 years old, a little sister is 5 years old, and my baby brother is 2. I was born in Homerton Hospital, Hackney. My Mum and Dad and big brother were born in Turkey. I like to play with friends David, Mikotaj and Hameed and there’s a boy called Lam. He is my friend as well, he is from Vietnam and doesn’t speak much English but he is learning. I also like to play football with my class. I like to play with my dsi, psp and laptop.

My sister is in trouble,
For stealing other peoples animals.

My sister is in trouble again,
She ran away with her best friend,
And broke into London zoo,
Stole seven baboons and an elephant too,
She keeps them safe under the bed,
Keeps them happy and well fed,
In her wardrobe she also keeps,
Fourteen horses and half a sheep,
My sister is in trouble,
For stealing other people’s animals,
There is a shark in a toilet bowl,
And a red gorilla that she quietly stole,
And a tiger paced the fridge compartment,
Animals are taking over my apartment,
I am writing this standing on a chair,
Eye to eye with a killer bear.

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